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it's in my head...

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2 May
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I am the coolest person ever. But not really.
I hate being where I am and I can't wait until I can leave.
I trick myself into believing I'm happy.
Little things make me smile.
I like to write/draw on and with everything and anything.
I love the rain, the way it feels, and dancing in it.
I like to go thrifting, garage saling, and shopping for random stuff.
I like to drink water.
I like the way cold air feels on my skin
and the way it burns your lungs when you first breathe it in.
I like getting complements from strangers more than people I care about.
Frolicing around when spring has first arrived makes me feel like I'm floating.
I love every season.
the vibrant colors of fall brighten my eyes.
the smell of spring makes me dance,
the summer sun warms my face so i can smile,
and the winter chill reminds me to feel.
I write things that make absolutely no sense.
I am deathly afraid of suffocation, lady bugs, and automatic car washes.
I think really old men are cute.
Fake smiles make me feel empty.
I like sheep drawings.
I live in my own reality.
I hate being sunburned or tan because I get freckles.
I like peanut butter, mayo and pickle sandwhiches.
I think regular fake baking is very superficial.
I like patches, plaid, mesh, stripes, and polkadots.
I also like my jean jacket and bright colored pumps.
I like drinking black coffee.
Sometimes I don't believe in love.
My new favorite drink is chia tea.
I spin and run and roll down hills until it feels like I'm falling off the earth.
I am addicted to hair dye, gauging my ears, and diet soda.
I like to touch people, in a very not bad kind of way.
I look for the best in everyone.
I love hugs.
I laugh until my cheeks and sides hurt.
I am not easily embarrassed.
I am very forgetful.
I am a slacker.
I am impatient when it comes to everything.
I am very messy, organization drives me crazy.
I never understand the way I feel.
I can be very jealous.
The funnest things I ever do is go to shows and coffee shops,
which I find quiet pathetic.
My life right now is pretty lame.
I love to scream obscenities at the top of my lungs.
I love my record player and collecting cheesy 80's records.
I take pictures of random things and people I don't know.
I like bright colors and bright lights that hurt my eyes.
I never have and never will be a MySpace member.
I think gifts on days that don't mean anything are the best.
Sometimes I cling to my secrets and drown in my sorrow.
Good hair days make my life better.
I fall for people I know I can't have.
I have a hard time getting close to people,
and often grow distant from those that I do get close to.
I don't understand the point of labels.
I hate my chemical romance and fall out boy with a burning passion.
I sometimes dontusethespacebar.
I plan on killing myself when I turn 28.
The things I look most forward to are moving far away, new people, and new experiences.
The most important things in life to me: God, music, and art.
If you let me get too close, I may never let you go.
(that is a warning, and for your own protection)

I am completely insane.
I over annylize everything.
I am a dreamer.
I am irrational.
I am an artist.
I am a junkie.
I am a hopeless romantic.
I am blunt, but I am sincere.
I am lost, but still searching.

I don't care what you think.

Are you getting tired?
I think we’ve gone and lost the fire
But I don’t wanna fight anymore
I’ve had enough of this town

I can see the signs
And I can read between the lines
But I don’t know what we were fighting for
I’m just trying to breakout

I’ve been waiting for something
I’ve been sitting for too long
I’ve been waiting but, oh, tonight
This one last try
Goes on, and on, and on

The seasons bring change
And as the seconds fade away
I still don’t know why we were holding on
But I’m still trying to breakout

I’ve been waiting for something
I’ve been sitting for too long
I’ve been waiting but, oh, tonight
This one last try
Goes on, and on, and on

Should have known better than to listen
When the dreams and the words started falling down
Should of known, when I hit the ground running

Did you think that the night would possess us
To keep sober like the rain that’s falling down
Did you notice, when the clock stopped running

This is the countdown
They say our time is running out
I tried to stay above the waterline
But never taking off the weights that
Keep us stuck here
In the comfort, and the fear
I’ll never know what we were fight for
But I’m still looking to breakout

Goodnight, she said,
I'm going to start a revolution
And you can be the star of it
It's in my head..

There went the world...

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